Residential Home Foundation Contractors Tennessee

Warrior Precast LLC believes in the power of precast concrete as a fundamental building material for residential homes. Our experience as home foundation contractors gives us the foresight needed to provide builders throughout Eastern Tennessee with above-grade, basement and crawlspace walls made of supremely efficient precast material. The result? Homes that go up quicker, stand stronger and last longer. Learn more about what precast can do to roundly improve the practicality of your next residential development.


Top-Tier Standard

Above-grade walls are a quick and easy way to frame structures of all sizes, cutting down on time and material costs of conventional framing. Steel studs are easily connected and stabilized for durable, seamless façade construction. Best of all, precast walls offer a superior level of energy efficiency, as well as fire resistance, code compliance and environmental conservationism, making them a top-tier standard for above-grade wall construction.


High-strength 5,000+ PSI concrete is reinforced with steel rebar for strong foundational walls that immediately displace traditional cinder blocks. Joints are sealed with a triple bead of Superior Sealant to prevent water intrusion. And, whereas traditional basement framing can take weeks, our precast basement walls can be placed, anchored and reinforced in a matter of hours! There’s a reason more and more homes throughout Eastern Tennessee are being developed with precast foundations and basement walls!


Most homeowners will eventually have to deal with crawl space foundation repair. Traditional building methods simply can’t protect them from moisture buildups, mold, dry rot and more. It’s why precast crawlspaces are the next evolution of home construction. Because it’s a natural moisture barrier, precast keeps mold and musty conditions at-bay, improving the foundational stability of homes.


Using precast concrete products as the fundamental building blocks for a residential development is one of the most efficient ways to keep the project on-time and within-budget. Let Warrior Precast LLC introduce you to precast solutions for above- and below-ground installations. Contact us today at 931-686-8007 for more information about our products.