Industrial Excavation & Foundation Contractor Tennessee

If you’re an industrial excavation and foundation contractor looking for premium precast products, Warrior Precast LLC is ready to serve you. Our Superior Walls of America XI series wall and foundation products lend themselves to any industrial construction project in Eastern Tennessee, bringing with them numerous benefits that make precast a smart choice. We invite you to see for yourself why more and more contractors are choosing precast.

Any Industrial Development

We’re Confident

Every industrial construction project needs the strength and stability of concrete foundations. Precast concrete walls and foundation products allow industrial developers to quickly progress the timeline of their builds, without compromising integrity. We supply precast products to builders for all types of industrial developments, including factories, municipal developments, civil infrastructure and much more. Regardless of the nature of your industrial project, we’re confident in our precast solutions.

Why Industrial Precast?

Precast products are a boon to any industrial developer in Eastern Tennessee because they harbor properties conducive to quicker, more reliable builds.


Our products are NGBS Green Certified Products. Our precast foundations use 70% less concrete than conventional foundations and eliminate the need for wood stud framing for further conservation.

Code compliant

Superior Walls of America XI products have been tested and inspected by third-party engineers. Products are backed by ESR-1662 designation, making them among the most reliable precast systems available.

Fire rated

Our precast products do not require a 15-minute thermal barrier (per UL 1715 testing) and qualify as a two-hour fire separation wall when two layers of 5/8″ Type ‘X’ drywall are applied to the studs.

Rapid build time

Precast wall panels are quickly positioned using certified crane teams and secured in a fraction of the time of other build techniques. The result is an expedited build timeline from the earliest phases of construction.

Build with Confidence

Industrial developments demand the highest caliber building materials, with the most stringent specifications. Warrior Precast LLC provides them. Contact us today at 931-686-8007 to learn more about our precast materials and the numerous benefits they’ll bring to your industrial development.