Is a Concrete Foundation Better for Hurricane-Prone Areas?

Living in Tennessee is a treat like no other. From one end of the state to the other, there is a rich cultural heritage that reaches back through the generations, as well as a bounty of natural beauty rare in the United States. Yes, Tennessee is fantastic, but there’s a tradeoff. When you stake your claim on a prime piece of Tennessee land, you’re going to want some built-in protection against the elements for yourself and your family.

It’s time to think about reinforced concrete walls and foundations in Tennessee.

Hurricanes happen

When most people think of hurricane season in the United States, their minds turn toward the wind-battered houses that line the beaches of the Gulf Coast. The news loves to shine a light on those on the front lines. Those people who live in middle and eastern Tennessee understand that hurricane season is felt by a much broader portion of the U.S. than the news would have you believe.

For example, in late August, the United States was pounded by a series of hurricanes. While those storms were downgraded to tropical storms as they moved north, they still brought enormous amounts of wind and rain. The remains of Hurricane Laura caused immense flood damage, brought down utilities and caused havoc throughout the state. That’s to say nothing of the tornadoes that formed right after Laura left the area.

Laugh at Mother Nature

Homes built with reinforced concrete walls in Tennessee are essentially rebar cages with concrete poured around the ribs. The result is a clean-looking structure that affords myriad decorative opportunities, regardless of your tastes. Concrete walls are also built to withstand unbelievable amounts of pressure. Concrete walls are:

  • Resistant to all types of fire
  • Made to stand up to hurricane-strength winds
  • Able to shrug off items picked up and thrown by storms
  • Water-resistant, even when completely submerged

It’s no wonder that homeowners across Tennessee choose to defend their homes with concrete walls and foundations.

Are you covered?

Many homeowners may not fret over the integrity of their home because they believe they’re covered by their insurance. Here’s a catch, though: a significant portion of home insurance doesn’t cover the damage sustained by flooding (one of the primary consequences of a hurricane). That absence of coverage could leave you liable for thousands of dollars in home damage.

Or, you could prepare from day one with a quality product from a quality contractor.

Your home improvement warriors

If you’re in the market for concrete wall and foundation services in Tennessee, then look no further than Warrior Precast LLC. We have 20 years of experience offering the industry’s best: Superior Walls of America XI series walls. As soon as you see them, you’ll understand the difference in quality and safety that these sturdy walls provide.

Even better, when you work with Warrior Precast LLC, you can rest assured that your concrete walls or foundation will come out looking great and lasting for years to come. That’s the promise we make to every customer. Pick up the phone today and give us a call. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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