You Need Strong Basement Walls

Concrete foundations are the beginning of strong home structure, but you can reinforce them further with concrete basement walls. A Tennessee foundation company with good building experience will likely recommend concrete basement walls, as that will seal your basement better and reduce the chance of foundation repairs in the future. Here are six reasons why you should make this investment:

  • Strength: The strength of concrete walls is often emphasized. It can stand up to elements, keep out moisture and guard against pests. The lesser-known element of strength is that concrete gains strength as it ages. This extra level of durability is reassuring and ensures your home will last for the long term, even if your home faces a flood or a tornado. Your basement will likely outlast your mortgage!
  • Fire resistance: Think about what is located in your basement. You may have a washer and dryer, furnace or water heater. All of these hot-running appliances in one place presents a high fire risk. In fact, one third of all home fires start in the basement. If you use concrete, any fires are contained in the basement, as the material does not support combustion. This keeps the fire out of your living spaces and makes it easier to recover from the damage.
  • Low maintenance: Concrete is dense and offers fewer seams for moisture to get in. You are less likely to face a mold problem, which reduces time spent on cleaning. Walls do not rot or support termites either. Basically, the basement stays safe while you have time to pursue what you enjoy and save money in the process. If you want a low-maintenance basement that is unlikely to face the problems of traditional basements, concrete is your best option.
  • Versatile decorating: Once installed, your finishing options are immense. You can install wall tiles or wallpaper directly on it. Other homeowners paint the walls. If wood paneling is more within your vision, it is easy to install the proper studs and complete that project. There is no limit to your interior design once construction has been completed.
  • Resale value: If you sell your home in the future, a concrete basement will enhance its resale value. Potential buyers will be charmed by the durability, low maintenance and ease of interior finishing. They know they are purchasing a home that will withstand conditions and remain intact for the long term. Your home will stand out from other options due to the concrete basement.
  • Foundation strength: Our company uses 5,000+ PSI when building basement walls. This offers all the advantages listed above and enhances the strength of your foundation. You will enjoy a stronger, longer-lasting home and worry less about mold, dry rot and foundation cracks. It is an investment that reduces repair problems and offers peace of mind.

Warrior Precast LLC is a foundation company that services homes and businesses throughout Tennessee. See our gallery to learn more about concrete foundations and why they are the best option for your next construction project.

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