Our Top-Tier Standard for Home Building

Warrior Precast LLC uses precast concrete for above-grade housing in Tennessee. This material results in homes that build faster and last longer. Whether you are building your dream home or designing a development, our precast materials and methods will work for you. Here are four areas in which we use our precast concrete and how it benefits them:

  • Above-grade walls: This is the primary feature of our building designs. These precast walls offer higher energy efficiency, fire resistance and code compliance than traditional walls. Considered an element of “green” building, these walls also come with a lower environmental impact. Plus, they are easy to install. Steel studs connect with a few quick steps, with the result being an efficient and attractive interior. You will never notice the seams, and you can rely on above-grade walls being a solid long-term investment.
  • Basement walls: Precast concrete offers considerable advantages for basement walls. Basements face numerous elements, especially moisture and vulnerability to pets. The creepy basement association exists for good reason! The right building partner can reduce these tendencies. When you take advantage of our high-strength 5,000+ PSI concrete reinforced with steel rebar, you enjoy strong foundation support and better sealing than with traditional cinder blocks. To reduce the onset of pests and dampness, we use Super Sealant on the joints. Better still, these walls can be installed in a matter of hours.
  • Crawlspaces: No one enjoys going into a crawlspace for any reason, but unfortunately it is often necessary for foundation repair. Precast concrete can make these efforts much easier. Traditional building material is vulnerable to mold and dry rot, which makes your crawlspace not only unpleasant but often dangerous if you suffer respiratory ailments. When you use precast crawlspaces, there is a stronger moisture barrier that keeps the musty odors away and improves your foundation’s stability. You may still feel claustrophobic, but at least you can avoid breathing in mold spores and risking illness.
  • Foundations: You can support a strong foundation by using precast concrete for your walls and spaces. However, the material can also be used directly for your foundation. When you build a better foundation and then support it with top-tier walls, basements and crawlspaces, you enjoy a home that is less likely to incur catastrophic damage and requires less maintenance effort for homeowners. While we stand firmly behind this product, we also offer a warranty to address any defects so you enjoy the full benefit of precast concrete.

Precast concrete products have gained popularity for a reason. No matter where you use them, you enjoy better building quality and stability. Moreover, the ease of precast concrete allows us to finish home projects fast! Your project is more likely to finish on time and within budget. It is the perfect way to build durable homes without spending too much money or worrying about construction timelines.

If you seek above-grade housing in Tennessee, Warrior Precast LLC is here for you. Contact us today to learn more about what we offer the residential housing market. We also have precast concrete solutions for commercial and industrial properties.

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