Things to Consider When Building a Home with a Basement

A finished basement isn’t just something that’s nice to have—today, Millennial home buyers want a multi-use finished basement that can add additional living or recreational space. If you’re building a home that you intend to sell in the future, it’s wise to consider adding a basement. That, of course,will require you to use materials that can support and anchor the entire home, like the Superior Walls of America XI series walls that Warrior Precast LLC uses to create finished basements for our customers. Read on to find out what you need to know about adding a basement, then call your friendly concrete foundation contractors in Tennessee for more information:

Insulation is key: Precast walls are uniquely suited for finished basements because they’re not only strong enough to anchor and support the home, but they also provide a level of energy efficiency that will keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. That’s because they have a higher R-value than poured concrete, and don’t require additional insulation. Precast walls offer a 20 to 50 percent energy reduction compared to concrete.

Look for leak resistance: Basements are notorious for attracting moisture, which can quickly turn into mold, mildew and rot. Precast walls are more moisture-resistant than concrete when installed properly, and won’t crack and leak like improperly-poured concrete. If your basement walls use wood strapping, that’s another way moisture can invade and destroy your basement walls.

Consider the wall space: Depending on your local regulations, your basement walls need to be 8” to 10” of poured concrete, or have a 6” concrete core for precast walls. Poured concrete requires additional strapping, while precast walls have the strapping already built in to save space and enforce strength.

Shelter in place: Living in Tennessee, we’re no stranger to tornadoes. Finished basements offer life-saving shelter for disasters, as well as a place to store all those precious family mementos you wouldn’t want to be damaged or lost.

Great acoustics for your space: Here’s some icing on the cake: precast walls provide great acoustics, which is especially useful if you’re using your basement as a media or game room. If you’re hoping to soundproof the room, precast walls make that easier than ever—and it all helps expand the livable space in the home.

Precast walls make construction easier: Finally, when you use precast walls, construction goes a lot faster. It combines walls, insulation, air barriers and more so that all your foundation contractors in Tennessee need to do is install the wall and go.

Concrete foundation contractors in Tennessee

Concrete foundation contractors in Tennessee Warrior Precast LLC has been producing and installing Superior Walls of America XI series walls for foundations, basements, crawlspaces and more since 2003. You’ll love the extra insulation and clean appearance,as well as the sturdy foundation they provide. We serve the eastern part of Tennessee as well as select portions of Georgia and Alabama. Call us today to find out how we can help you and schedule a consultation.

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